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Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Summer is now upon us. Hoping everyone is enjoying now getting outdoors. I again want to say thank you for the opportunity to represent the fine folks of Local 1600. As of May 1 I have started full time. It’s a huge learning curve but the great folks here are helping me along!

The first good news is that after 10 YEARS… we got yet another settlement for our members! What was thought to be a lost case was squared up with the company and we got a settlement offer to an old (PPL owned) grievance that Talen Energy took care of. I would like to thank the members who kept checking in , but didn’t lose faith in us getting them a favorable outcome.

Also I am in talks with Talen on looking at settling some other older pending grievances set for arbitration…Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Brunner update-

There was a fire at Brunner unit 3 on Thursday June 1. Thankfully no one was injured.  We haven’t heard exactly on the extent of damage yet. We will relay any more info on next months newsletter if possible. We have a few outstanding grievances ongoing. Waiting on company response.

Montour Update-

Montour is still working on getting both units on gas. Unit 2 is close, Unit 1 to follow. The future of burning coal is still unknown yet at this time.

Brookfield Update- Nothing at this time.

As we get into the warmer months ahead please be safe and watch for the signs of heat related illness. Stay hydrated, and watch out for each other for signs and symptoms.


Enjoy and be safe!!


Terry Elekes

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