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Hello Sister and Brothers.  This year is just flying by as we are in the Fall Season.  Just a quick reminder to check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms along with chimneys and heating units.  Getting prepared now will keep you and your family safe & warm this winter.  PPL contract books are due any day now from the Union Printer.  The Work from Home Memorandum of Agreement is complete and signed by the parties.  This M.A. impacts a lot of workers in a positive manner.  Unfortunately, not everyone can perform their duties from home and that causes some folks to get upset because they aren’t part of that positive impact.   We did try many times to get some sort of perk for those pulling regular duty but the company had no interest in negotiating anything.  Rusty and his team are working on the backshift nothing has been agreed to at this time.

On the Talen side of business, the parties agreed to freeze the cost share of the medical and prescription plans for 2023 at the 2022 cost share rate.  With Talen going through the bankruptcy procedure that was a surprising offer but greatly appreciated.

Talen proposed we explore a contract extension.  Our talks centered around a 2-year extension, a signing bonus, a % cash award based on yearly base pay paid upon ratification, a GWI in August 2023, another GWI and % cash award in August 2024.  Talks continue and I will get something out for a vote as soon as we come to agreement.

In Solidarity,
President Frank E.G.

Terry Elekes

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