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Here it is just April and time for the spring thaw.  As we bring out our mowers, gardening tools and outdoor games, please keep safety in the forefront.

Please note, if you would like to be added to the text alerts, please notify Local 1600 (610-395-8167 press zero on the automated service) and provide your personal cell phone number and Company. 

Here of some of the items I’ve been working on since my last newsletter:

Ephrata Borough

  • The Summary of Agreement was ratified on 2/28/22, with 79% of the membership voting. Thank you, Ephrata BU members, for your solidarity and support.



  • Arbitration Award on Contracting at the CCC – A settlement was signed in July of 2021, enforcing the arbitrator decision regarding the staffing at the CCCs. So far, the Company has met the agreed to number of 35 new employees and approximately 20 additional hires in April.
  • Upon ratification of the current Summary of Agreement the parties agreed to meet and discuss some outstanding items at the CCC. The items to be discussed are Training, Vacation and Residency.  I will provide updates of the discussions once they begin.

Distribution Service Technician/Trainee

  • A grievance has been filed for the Distribution Service Technician/Trainee performing work above their job classification. The DST/DSTTs are performing complex underground work which is work that should be performed by Distribution Technicians.  Updates will be provided throughout the grievance procedure regarding the status and proposed settlement.
  • I’ve recently been informed that the DST/DSTT/DTs are being directed to perform Senior Technical Clerk work. The staffing of this position has been reduced through attrition and the Company is not filling any vacancies.  A meet and discuss has been requested regarding this issue and if not resolved will proceed through the grievance procedure.
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