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Happy New Year! Like everyone else I am happy to move forward and away from 2020. I won’t even reflect on all the negative things that took place, I will hope and pray it made us stronger and as time marches on it gets better. The pandemic continues to cause pain, suffering, deaths and all sorts of difficulty, however with vaccines being distributed that will turn things around. Many folks will push back and decline the vaccine but I encourage our workers to get the shot, trust our doctors, scientists and disease experts to stop the spread. We must continue to do our part by wearing masks, social distancing, and washing hands frequently. Its tough to conduct business among all the restrictions but we are doing our best. Every company put out guidelines on how to handle Covid-19 situations, these are unchartered waters and even though we are cooperating in an effort to keep everyone safe, let me be perfectly clear, we reserve our right to file a grievance should a disagreement arise.

In Solidarity,

President Frank E.G.

Terry Elekes

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