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Hello Sisters and Brothers, as we are into the Holiday Season and families traditionally gather experts are recommending not to gather. Our Union Hall exercises every precaution measure out there, wearing masks, social distancing, regular disinfecting and minimizing people in the building and yet we have one positive Covid-19 case so we know firsthand how easy it can be to get this virus. Our co-worker is doing fine at this time and is expected to return as soon as the Doctor determines it’s safe. Staff and all other employees feel good and have not shown any symptoms. I did have one office worker stay home for 14 days as a safety measure.
In PPL, we have ongoing discussions regarding WEEVE in an effort to resolve before the arbitration scheduled in the spring. We also discussed the Material M.A. that was overwhelmingly rejected. Our hopes are to have an M.A. to present in January.
A conference call was held with Talen representatives. VP Clausius and I were on the call. Talen reported the status of the company as “holding our own at this time.” The future of gas at Montour depends on resolving current litigation, required permits and financing.

In closing, please be safe, stay healthy and Merry Christmas to you and your family

President Frank E. G.

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