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Hello Brothers and Sisters

I hope this finds everyone and their families in good health and doing well.
As of this time I am awaiting dates from AAA arbitration in relation to :
Access denial

These are at the top of the list with several more pending after that. The continued issues of the pandemic have affected everyone in some way or another and continues to pose difficulty in getting a approved method to proceed through the case load. I am in contact with the scheduling administrator each and every month looking for updates as to getting our cases with Talen scheduled.

We are currently working on getting the 2nd step meetings scheduled for issues on :
Denied overtime
Schedule changes
Holiday pay

We are awaiting responses to a grievance on
Sick time VS mini ( TONPWP )
Settlements :
Employees had vacation returned due to inaccurate accounting.

These are some of the many issues we have pending. And we continue to fight for every contractual item that is challenged.

In solidarity,
Ron Webb

Terry Elekes

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