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Dear Brothers and Sisters

Hard to believe that August has already arrived, seems like yesterday we were just coming out of the outage at Susquehanna looking forward to getting started on all the summer activities that we had planned. And now here we are in the 4thquarter of summer. I hope as the season heads towards the end that everyone had an enjoyable summer.

While progress may seem to take a long time to get things accomplished, we are still having discussions between the union and the company, trying to sort out the differences that we have on the contract language. I will say both sides are striving to reach a resolution so we can focus on a more positive note going forward. I will keep you posted on the progress as we get it worked out.


Outstand issues are:


Change of shift

Floating midnight

Double time rules

Overtime equalization

Rest period

Resolved issues:

Multiple grievances Shift differential

19BER-030   unjust RBP removed


I would also like to thank the Chief Stewards and the Stewards for all the help they give the members. Without their support and hard work, we wouldn’t be able to get the issues worked out.  Next time you see one of them, give them a well-deserved thanks of appreciation for all that they do.


In solidarity,

Ron Webb

Terry Elekes

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